On Christian Political Involvement

There has been a lot of buzz lately about whether or not Christians are too involved in politics — and even whether or not Christians should be involved in politics at all.

A rather convenient coincidence that it became a widespread discussion during the year leading up to the 2006 mid-term elections. Looking back, it is apparent that a coordinated campaign was launched with the goal to disenfranchise the Christian conservative vote in order to win more liberal seats in congress.

The response is that Christians are no where near involved enough in the legislative process of this country.

The balance to that is, for all the time we spend on political involvement, we should have already spent more than double that building up our faith, sharing the Gospel, and demonstrating love for one another.

I’m not talking about legislating morality or creating laws to force everyone to believe the same as we do. Many activities we should be involved include:

1) Ensure that our freedoms are not eroded away
2) Hold government and criminals accountable for behavior
3) Debate of moral issues to raise awareness
4) Defend those abused by power

The real purpose of our engagement with society is to wake people up to their sin by being salt and light, and then sharing the gospel of Jesus with them.

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