allies in culture war

Christians can be a very dissappointing bunch of people.

Thankfully, I know to keep my eyes on Jesus and my nose in the Bible. Otherwise, I would end up like most folks: turned off of Christianity by the shenanigans of those purporting to be “christians”.

In recent news articles, it has been the Catholics and Mormons who were the most vocal in opposing the homosexual agenda. Where have the “evangelicals” been?

Consider that the U.S., Britain, and the Soviet Union joined in alliance against the Axis in WWII. Just because these countries were allies, does not mean that they had to compromise their national distinctives in order to join together against a common enemy.

Similarly, there should be some way that Christians can stand in alliance with Catholics and Mormons to fight cultural, social, moral, and political battles without compromising what we believe.

I don’t follow Glen Beck or the Pope when it comes to matters of spirituality or doctrine. But I do agree with them on many cultural, social, moral, economic, and political matters. It is on those matters that we can be allies without compromising our core beliefs.

The danger of course is that many not well grounded in their faith may think that if we are allies in moral issues, that it somehow legitimises these other religeons and they may be lured away into these false religeons.

A sad truth is that more Christians convert to Mormonsim than any other group. I can understand why, as most “evangelical christians” are at best convenient, sunshine christians whose behavior is wishy washy and hypocritical. So “works based” religeons such as mormonsim and catholicism, or the “mysticism” offered by the emerging church movement become very appealing.

At this point my only solution is to spend 2 hours studying the Bible for every 1 hour spent fighting the culture war.

Eventually, the real solution becomes more about preaching the gospel and making disciples. After all, that is what we are commanded to do.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”– John Adams

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