Mark them which cause Divisions

I hear a lot of folks say that it is wrong to “cause divisions” by pointing out something that is “wrong” or be “negative” in any way.

These folks will get in your face and say “the bible says to ‘mark them which cause divisions'”.

Unfortunately, this is a classic example of taking a verse out of context and not even quoting the entire verse…

Romans 16:17
Now I beseech you, brothers, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which you have learned; and avoid them.

Notice that the ones who are causing divisions are the ones spreading false doctrines or teachings contrary to the simplicity of the gospel, not the people who are telling the truth.

“Mark them” means to point them out for the purpose of avoiding them.

We are admonished in the Bible to “prove all things and hold fast to that which is good” (1Thes 5:21). We can test any teachings using the light of scripture. We are then charged by scripture to point out those who teach false doctrine so that people will know to avoid them.

This is neither “positive” or “negative”, it is just sticking to the truth.

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