Some things to keep in mind as the days get darker…

– The darker it gets, the brighter even the smallest light shines.

– The majority of people who call themselves “christian”, are not.  Most people who call themselves christian are false converts to a godless religion of works or they think is christian spirituality is really new age mysticism repackaged as spirituality.

– Persecution will first come from fellow “christians” because we are not tolerant, we are too dogmatic about the Bible, and we don’t accept just anything as “christian”.

– Teaching from the Bible is already considered “Hate Speech” because it allegedly causes “Hate Crimes”, and eventually even “Hate Thoughts” will be a crime.

– We need to be very strongly grounded in truth, or we too can fall for the lie.

– We need to be proclaiming the gospel as loud as we can for as long as we can.

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