reformed or re-packaged?

Why anyone attempts to be an apologist for “Reformed Theology” is beyond me.

Instead of reformed theology, it should be called “Anti-Semetic Re-Packaged Catholic Theology”.

Any “theology” that has its basis in anything that came after the syncretism of gnosticism and paganism that was the foundation of the doctrines of Augustine and Roman Catholicism is sorely corrupt.

True, many of the “fathers of the reformation” did get it right in criticizing popery in the areas of soteriology. However, they failed to reject the rest of the pagan practices and gnostic doctrines that continue to this day in many “reformed” churches.

Personally, I’m more interested in what scripture actually says, rather than what a bunch of “reformed” catholic priests have to say any day.  Their major accomplishment in their criticism of Catholicism was to convieniently not get burned at the stake they way that true Christians (who totally rejected popery) had been murdered for hundreds of years both prior to and during the reformation.

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