Little g’s (Part 2 of 2)

Having covered the danger’s of falling into the trap of believing we can be gods ourselves, let’s see what the one true living God has to say about us legitimately exercising the power He has delegated to us.

The best way I can simplify this to a point that I can understand it myself is to look at a simplified model of authority in the military. Basically, a unit commander has full authority over everything that happens in his unit. The commander has delegated certain authorities that pertain to administration and management to several supervisors at various levels within the unit. These supervisor can only legally act with the authority they have been delegated. The “power” they wield is not theirs, it is the commander’s. Also, just because they can exercise some of the (delegated) authority of the commander, that doesn’t make them the commander. Also, it is possible they can abuse this authority and have the authority taken away from them.

We are not God and we do not become gods.

We become adopted children, grafted into the family of God through Jesus.

Similar to if our family adopted a child… That child would be loved and cared for as a member of the family, share in inheritance, and perhaps could even take on our surname. However, the adopted child would still not be a genetic family member, even though treated as such in every way.

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