Gifts of the Holy Spirit 1 of 2

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are:

1. Not at our command, they are manifestations of the Holy Spirit as He wills

2. Not signs to unbelievers, it is for edification of believers (the church). The gifts of the Holy Spirit are foolishness to unbelievers and like casting perls before swine.

3. They are manifested as the Spirit directs, or in other words, as the Holy Spirit determines they are needed.

We get too hung up on TV personalities thinking that for the Holy Spirit to be working in our lives that we should be at some “level of faith” such that we are manifesting the gifts of the spirit on command.

More often than not, the TV personalities are manifesting occultic “miracles” and not the working of the Holy Spirit. You can know them by their fruits, and whether they drawing attention to themselves or to Jesus.

The truth is, all we are to do is desire the gifts, be willing vessels, and be motivated by love to help other believers. When there are times that a manifestation of a Gift would benefit a believer, then we trust that the Holy Spirit will manifest it through us. We are basically “out of the loop” in deciding when and where a gift manifests, it is only important that we desire to be used.

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