myth of inevitability

One thing that the enemy would like you to believe is that his agenda is inevitable and “you might as well give in to it”.

It is true, if we do nothing, then it really is inevitable.

However, we can fight back, we can slow it down, we can stop it and even reverse it.

To do that, it is important to get informed and get involved.

In the process, let us not forget our reason for standing against the tide.

We lobby for liberty not so that we can do whatever we want, we lobby for the liberty to exercise our commission to preach the Gospel.

The enemy’s ultimate goal is to silence the Gospel and replace it with his own false gospel.

While we are here and actively resisting, the enemy’s plan is restrained from coming to full fruition.

We need to keep our lamps full, remain vigilant, and sound the shofar any time the enemy approaches the gates.

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