Is Barack the Anti-Christ?

I ran across a poll on a web site with this as the subject, and I couldn’t resist weighing in…

While Barack is not a likely candidate for *THE* anti-christ, he is truly an example of the spirit of anti-christ currently growing in the world.

Barack goes about saying “peace, peace” in spite of the spread and upscaling of terrorism throughout the world.

He is a very charismatic speaker and can win over entire audiences, even though a careful examination of his speeches reveal little or no actual substance or clear position on issues. When he speaks, everyone hears what they *want* to hear, regardless of what he is actually saying.

Barack’s position on religion is the very essence of the “one world religion”, a.k.a. “tolerance” — a religion where humanism, polytheism, islam, and watered down christianity are all happy bedfellows and every man is right in his own eyes.

As we approach the time of the tribulation, we will continue to see a rise in false religions, false prophets and false christs. The world leading up to the tribulation will be under a great delusion, and in the news and popular media we can observe it growing stronger every day.

Just as labor pains increase in frequency and intensity as the time approaches for delivery, so will we see an increase in frequency and intensity of all the signs that Jesus and the prophets spoke of in scripture.

The leaves are budding on the fig tree, look up for your redemption draws nigh.