notes on homeschooling

– time with kids
– time as kids
– learn skills from a variety of ages instead of from a gang of 60 children of the same age
– learn to communication with people of different ages and backgrounds
– development of relationships is more important than accumulation of information or wealth (can’t take wealth with you, but relationships you build can literally last for eternity)
– closer, stronger family
– development of traditions
– exposure in a controlled environment to inoculate against destructive thinking
– Biblical world view
– love of learning
– learn to reason and think critically
– desire to learn
– learn how to form own opinion
– create ability/desire to research for oneself
– keep challenged
– spend extra time on difficult areas
– content and quality control
– learn “why” of history, instead of focus on who, where, when
– more options, variety, broad spectrum
– one on one
– individualized instruction

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