Practicing for Divorce

In popular media and culture, dating is represented as a game that starts in the teenage years and continues throughout your unmarried (and sometimes even married) life. The world makes it seem that if you are not dating, then there is something wrong with you.

In essence, revolving door dating is practicing for divorce.

Think about it. You begin building one relationship until it looses its luster, then there’s a breakup and a jump right into another relationship.

The question is, are you dating in order to get to know someone better and give into their life, or are you dating because of how it makes you feel?

Some folks like the thrill of getting to know someone new and getting to talk endlessly about themselves to someone else. They bounce from relationship to relationship leaving a piece of themselves behind each time.

All too often people enter into relationships because of something they need from another person.

Seek first the Kingdom of God. Build your relationship with God before anything else.

Entering into a relationship based on need is a recipe for disaster.

If one or both are taking from the relationship, they are working to tear it down.

A relationship can only work if both participants are giving into the relationship.

Of course, if all you have to give is yourself, you will eventually give yourself out…

Turn to God as the supplier of your needs. God gives us more than we need and fills our cup to overflowing. Out of the overflow, we give to others.

When both folks are giving into the relationship, then it builds the relationship.

Before you enter into a relationship and marriage, be sure the other person understands this concept.

Once in a covenant relationship, then it is very difficult if both participants are not giving into it. It will take a lot of prayer, perseverance and counseling to keep going.

Note: The above is targeted primarily for those who are not married. Married folk can see this article: Love is a Choice

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