persecution from within

As we move further into the ‘end times’, we will continue to see increased persecution of true Biblical Christianity.

Before Christianity in general is persecuted, the popular ‘christian church’ will continue to elbow out and eventually come to openly persecute Bible believing Christians.

We see that one of the signs that a people have rejected God is that God gives them over to be slaves of their own lusts (Rom 1:24).  The most evident sign of this is their acceptance and even promotion of homosexuality (Rom 1:32).  The abomination of homosexuality (or to use the Biblical term: sodomy) will become the “litmus test” the popular ‘church’ will use to identify all those ‘evil’ fundamentalists.

The pagan roman catholic church is now considering changing its public stance on homosexuality and launched a study into ‘civil unions’.  This of course is no big leap for an organization whose clergy is already made up of homosexuals and pedophiles.

We see this happening with so many of the protestant (reformed catholic) denominations normalizing the abomination of sodomy and even endorsing it by appointing sodomites to clergy positions and performing so-called ‘marriage’ ceremonies.

We see this happening within the non-denominational and ‘Charismatic’ circles as their new age practices “go to seed” and their “new revelations” seek to embrace everyone with their gospel of  happiness and prosperity without a need for sin, repentance, and changing lifestyle preferences.

Also we see the current pope reaching out to the reformed catholic denominations, the non-denominational, as well as all other religions to join together in one big “it-doesn’t-matter-what-you-believe-as-long-as-you-kiss-the-ring-of-the-pontiff” tent.

Eventually, what few churches that do not advocate for homosexuality will loose their tax-exempt status for promoting hate speech and then eventually forbidden to operate publicly.

Anyone who stands on scripture and does not go along with the predominant view of the ‘church’ is already seen as a closed minded fundamentalist ‘hater’, and this viewpoint will only grow more polarized.  Those who hold true to scripture will be further marginalized and vilified by those who call themselves ‘christian’ and think they do God a service…

These folks need to read Revelation 17:16 and keep in mind that once the harlot church has outlived its usefulness, the beast will turn on it and rend it to pieces.

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