Another logo?

Take a look at this logo…   Doesn’t it look like something Cobra Commander would use?  It seems to imply something serpentine, reptilian, snakey, dark and poisonous…  two half moon arcs symbolizing as above so below…  perhaps a third strand of DNA or a parasitic serpentine invasion of human DNA?  Perhaps a genetic hybrid breaking out of a circle that binds it?

As we talked about before, in gematria, hebrew letters also represent numbers.  The hebrew letter vav (“v” or “w” in latin characters) represents the number 6.
This symbol has appeared in esoteric symbolism
Note that this symbol is conspicuously presented in the Monster energy drink logo.
And now this logo:
And it is appearing on several cars now…
Now what can this be a logo for possibly?  Maybe I’m just reading too much into things…
its a new Christian Church of all things… they held their first services on April 13th (um… interesting choice of 13?)  and according to their website  they appear to espouse typical vanilla “evangelical” beliefs.  This is not intended to be a “ding” against the pastor or folks who attend here.  Just raising the question.  
Also, why name a church “Solace” (soul-less?).   The English world solace is from the French word “solacier” meaning to “comfort, console” often with a sexual connotation.   The word “solace” occurs only once in the KJV in Proverbs 7:8, and it is quoting the “strange woman” who is seducing a foolish man into her bed while her husband is away: “I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon. Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning: let us solace ourselves with loves”. 
I want to believe they are legitimate sincere Christians and this is nothing else but an example of how woefully ignorant Christians are concerning esoteric symbols and they are just wanting to look “trendy” and “cool”.  
We often use symbols, logos, seals, tags, trademarks as a way of denoting “ownership”.  
We see in scripture several times when a seal or mark is used to identify someone who is “sealed” or “marked” unto the Lord and under His protection. 
Evil spirits can only operate in the physical world if they are invited in and attached to something physical.  They can be attached to a location, a living thing (ie: person or animal), or an object.  Occult practitioners create a talisman by putting a symbol on an object and binding an evil spirit to it to “charge” it with power.  How many of these occult symbols do you carry around every day in your wallet?
We also know that the father of lies will use a mark to “seal” those who choose to worship and belong to him.
Being that marks can have such significance, maybe we should be more careful about what marks we choose to associate with.

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