I’m more in the category of one who loves much because he has been forgiven much.

My first kiss, my first experiences were not saved for marriage. In youth, ignorance, and foolishness, I wasted purity in an occassion for the flesh and was used as an instrument to ruin it for someone else.

Because of the work of Jesus on my heart, and through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I have repented, sought forgivness, and been forgiven.

Like the harlot who was brought before Jesus to be stoned to death, she was forgiven but commanded, “Go and sin no more.”

I now am committed to purity in my life.

What I am left with is not so much as guilt as it is a mourning for loss. I mourn the loss of purity in my life as I would mourn the loss of a friend or loved one.

When I am in a position to encourage someone else to live a life of purity, I can speak from experience that it would be better to wait. When accused of “well, you didn’t wait”, I can reply “true, but had I had understood and counted the cost, I would have done different”