Forgivness does not necessarily wipe out all the consequences.

If you knowingly go into a situation that God has said not to do, or that there are bad consequences to doing a certain thing, God will forgive you if you repent — however, you will still have to deal with the consequences of your decisions.

Truly, God forgets our sin when we repent and the eternal consequences are mitigated; however, the temporal consequences we still have to deal with.

Can think of there being both “vertical” and “horizontal” consequences to sin, disobedience, and foolish behavior.

Jesus’ death on the cross paid for the “vertical” consequences and restored our relationship with the Father. When we confess our sins and receive what Jesus did for us, then our sins are forgiven and God remembers our sin no more.

What folks sometimes get confused about is when they still get hit with the “horizontal” consequences of their behavior.

When we have wronged someone else, it is important that we take the initiative to do everything we can to seek restoration.