Get Stirred Up

The devil wants us to be complacent. It supports his plan for us to be depressed, sick, and/or impoverished. As long as we live in a defeated state, we are a poor witness of the love, power, and grace of God.

The best witnesses for satan are defeated christians.

We have doctors, counselors, chat show hosts, tv shows, and magazines all advising us that we should just “accept” our situation and let it run its course. If we don’t do this, they look down their nose at us and say we are “just in denial”. The world says to just give in when all natural remedies fail.

The thing is, we do not have to accept defeat.

God on the other hand provides a way, even when in the natural there does not seem to be any way. All we need to do is just receive what He has already done for us.

Instead of just “learning to accept” how we percieve our condition to be, we need to get stirred up about what God has to say about our condition. Get indignant about it. How dare sickness attack your body when Jesus already bore the sickness for you. How dare the devourer rob you of the riches God has for you, when Jesus was made poor so that you could be made rich.

The best witnesses for God are victorious christians.

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