Bless those who curse you

We are instructed to bless those who curse us.

The devil has a seemingly endless of supply of people to send across our path to cause us pain.

When we do not take control of our reactions to these people, we are in fact allowing them to control us.

As long as we allow this to happen, it remains an effective means for satan to control us, and he will continue to use this method.

However, we are given a Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control.

No matter what happens, we always have a choice in how we react. We no longer have the excuse of “I just couldn’t control myself”.

When we excercise our faith and respond with love, we are standing aside and trusting that God will intervene on our behalf.

If every time someone tries to hurt us, we instead pray blessings for that person, eventually satan will get the hint that his efforts are backfiring.

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