The Gospel is not about denominations or traditions of men. It is about God’s grace and mercy. It is about faith, hope, and love. It is about us repenting of our sins, accepting that Jesus paid for our sins, and chosing to live for Him.

Typically, there is nothing wrong with a tradition that does not go against God’s Word. Traditions can be good and healthy so long as they do not come between the individual and God. You can have basically a variety of traditions or no traditions at all. If you were to want to follow some traditions, I would recommend looking for traditions that are described in the bible — particularly traditions that Jesus practiced. Just don’t fall into the trap of exhalting traditions above having a direct, close, daily relationship with your heavenly Father.

Benefits of Traditions:
1. Develops and maintains an identity.
2. Serve as a reminder to keep God and His Word at the forefront of the person’s mind.
3. Most effective means of teaching principles to children, new believers, and, well, pretty much everybody.

Any traditions you choose need to meet the following criteria:

1. Does not go against or violate God’s word
2. Glorifies God, points to God, or points to principles from God’s Word.
3. Does not come between the worshipper and God.
4. Never be viewed as a way to impress God, earn “spirit” points, salvation, or holiness.
5. Does not take the place of love and is not used as a basis of judging others. (1Cor 13:1-13)
6. Does not stop you from doing what Jesus has commissioned us to do, particularly in terms of ministering to people’s needs and taking the gospel to them.

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