You can change your tastes

The more I read the bible and listen to bible teachings, the more I want to read and hear more. The more I feed the spirit, the more the spirit has influence over me.

When our daughter became ready to start on solid foods, we would puree fresh and cooked vegetables and make our own baby food. Of course at first our daughter did not always like the concoctions. We found if we would spoon feed her and put a little on the roof of her mouth, she would have to work her tongue over it again and again to get it off. Eventually, she developed a taste for and liking of vegetables and salads that persists to this day.

Even if you have trouble “getting into” the Word of God at first, keep spending time in it. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Ask Him to reveal His Word to you and bring to rememberance everything He has said through His Holy Spirit. Ask Him to plant a desire in your heart to learn more about Him. One day you’ll find God’s Word “jump” inside you with revelation and power, and you will find that you want more and more.

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