Loving Yourself

One of the dogmas of psychology is to “love yourself first”, that before you can take care of others you must first take care of yourself. That we need lots of personal time and should take ourselves shopping and make sure we take time to do things for ourself.

I have even read where some say that Jesus even promoted the concept that the “love of self” should be the basis for loving others.

This is something that sounds good and sells well. It is a way that seems “right” and tickles our ears because it is something we want to hear. It is something that gives us permission to treat ourselves. Besides, how can we take care of others if we don’t take care of ourself first.

Interestingly enough, I can find this nowhere in the bible.

Matter of fact, if I leave behind all of the pop psychology and pop christianity and just look to God’s Word, I find just the opposite.

In fact, we are to deny ourselves. I find that we are to seek first God’s kingdom. The first commandment is to love God with all our heart and strength. Second is to love others.

What we need is to focus first on God and executing the responsibilities of a good steward of what God has given to us, and then we can trust that God will take care of our needs.

The most important thing is to know that God loves us, and that He fills us with His love to overflowing. That He gives us more than we need, and out of the excess we in turn bless others.

When we get “exhausted”, it is not because we haven’t allocated enough “personal time”, it is because we have not been looking to God to fill us to overflowing with life and life more abundantly. It is because we have been walking in the flesh, trying to do things in our own strength. It is because we have not been walking in the spirit and depending on God’s strength. It is because we have pursued happiness in the accumulation of things instead of seeking the Joy of the Lord that is to be our strength.

When we get all wrapped up in ourselves, we make for a pretty small package.

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