Now we get to see how long it will take before this new crop of politicians get corrupted by the system. I reckon the only thing we can hope for “politically” is that there will be at least some gridlock to slow down the progressive’s socialist agenda.

While we should and will continue to fight against the corruption, the one-world socialist machine will continue the long march toward disembowling the American economy. America represents two things to the globalists: 1) the globalist agenda cannot move forward as long as America stands as a superpower, it must be brought down and made to kneel; and, 2) a pile of wealth to be looted for the purpose of funding their agenda — socialism works great until you run out of other people’s money to spend…

Is this at all surprising? I’ve always been puzzled as to, if we are indeed in the end times, why a “superpower” like America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy.

There will be a world government, but it cannot come to power until America steps down and falls in line as one of the 10 regional governorships.

My hope is that the final straw will be the rapture of the church. America will likely be the one that is hit hardest from a loss of possibly 10-25% of its productive population. This, however, is not a requirement.

It is quite possible, and I believe likely, that we may have to live through some of the rough ride leading up to the tribulation. The tribulation, especially the second half, will be worse than anything that has ever happend in history. While we have the promise of being spared from the worst of the tribulation, the times leading up to the tribulation will likely be at least as “bad” as any that history records.

Today, evil is called good, and good is called evil. Coalitions never thought possible are joining together against Israel and biblical christianity (I recently learned a new term called “Syncretism”). The times are dark, and getting darker.

It is when evil is darkest that the light of truth shines brightest.

Regardless of how long we have left here, we must continue to hold on to the blessed hope that only we as believers have. Our job in the meantime is to be salt and light, to take a stand, stand firm, and speak the truth.

When we see these things begin to happen, we look up, for our redemption draws nigh. When people see that hope in us, our job is to be ready to give an answer to them.

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