Out of an Infinite Universe

Question: Isn’t it prideful and against christian “humility” to believe:

1) that out of the infinite size of the universe, the millions of stars and planets we think we are special?

2) out of all that, how can we presume to think that God should love us?

This line of questions presumes on at least two fallacies:

1) Love is based on “what’s in it for me”
2) That the Christian wordlview should have anything to do with the size of the universe

The truth is:

1) What Christians say is based on what God Himself has chosen to revealed to us in His Word. God’s Love is based on His choice and His convenent to us. He chose to love us when we were unlovable. So when Christians talk about God’s love for us, it is not out of some haughtiness or prideful self worth thing, it is about God’s grace extended toward us as revealed by God Himself!

2) The size and majesty of the universe is not there to reflect on our value or earth’s value or position in it — the size and majesty of the universe is there to reflect the magnificence, power, and glory of God!

True humility is to put God’s Word and His wisdom ahead of our own vain philosphies and limited wisdom.

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