tools in the toolbox

– Signs, wonders, miracles and spiritual gifts do not build faith

– Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Want more faith? Study more of God’s word and speak God’s words

– Spiritual gifts, head knowledge, and time alone do not build spiritual maturity

– Maturity comes by being a doer of the word. Practice studying God’s word and exercising it in prayer without ceasing, worship, ministering to (loving) others needs, and exercising spiritual gifts. Want to mature? Practice being a doer of the word.

– Having a “tool” does not make you a carpenter. Having lots of tools does not make you a master carpenter.

– Key is to walk humbly and make use of and mature in the use of the tools you have. When God can trust you with what He has given you, He will entrust you with more. (Luke 16:10)

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