Corrupt versions from a corrupt text

Most modern bible translations use the Biblia Hebraica produced in 1909 by Rudolf Kittel.

Most people would be shocked to learn the theological positions of Kittel. He despised Jews, denied that salvation is through Jesus Christ, denied the atonement, rejected the inspiration of scripture, contradicted the words of Jesus, and then put all these views into writing, so as to be sure and leave a written record of his personal hostility to Jesus Christ, Christianity, the Reformation, the Bible and to Jews.

His Son (also an apostate theologian) was tried for Nazi war crimes. Both worked for the German Bible Society, which is also known these days as UBS the United Bible Society. The Copyright on both the Hebrew and the Greek base texts for translation by UBS, is retained by the German Bible Society, which has a very colorful and unrepentant history of its own activities during World War II.

Some people think that because it is a Bible Society, that this means that those working either for it, or within it, are somehow believing or accepting of the truth or authenticity of Christianity or the Old or New Testaments. In this day and age, those conclusions are both naive and wrong, and because of lack of knowledge about the content of both the Old and New Testament, it is sadly only too easy to mislead people about The Bible.

The superior and Textually accurate Old Testament written in Hebrew has always been the Old Testament in Hebrew Manuscript, classic edition of 1524-25 (ben chayyim named for Jacob ben Hayyim ben Isaac ibn Adonijah or Jacob ben Chayyim) Printed by Daniel Bomberg , and it remains the best Hebrew Old Testament text, still to this day. This is also the version used to compare to the Dead Sea scrolls and demonstrate that the ancient Hebrew text had NOT been changed nor altered.  The 1524-25 Old Testament is also the Old Testament in Hebrew that was used by the Reformers, the King James translators, and others until the falsified version of Kittel (apostate occultist) appeared through the Anti-reformation German Bible Society.

Do your own research. You alone are responsible for the information you accept. Its your eternity.

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